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Photo Conversion Examples

Here we've placed just a few of the designs that we have created, showing you the original photograph on the left and then the framed conversion on the right. We have then included some information about the kit and what was done to create it. Also, we've included the odd quote from customers who have kindly written to us, expressing their gratitude.

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12" x 9", 16 count Aida, 61 colours
Lady is our lovely border collie/german shepherd cross. Her favourite ball is orange so we changed the colour to suit. We also brightened the colours and added the text for a more personal finish

10" x 8", 14 count Aida, 19 colours
This was for a 70th birthday present. The lucky recipient had a flight in a Tiger Moth for his birthday treat and this cross stitch made a great memento

12" x 8", 16 count Aida, 51 colours
We put the two photos on to one design and removed the backgrounds as they weren't suitable for stitching.

10" x 8", 14 count Aida, 38 colours
We were asked to convert this kitten for an article on photocharting in World of Cross Stitching magazine. The article rated our design highly and indeed the article writer even ordered another conversion for her personal use

16" x 12", 16 count Aida, 57 colours
As all the images were on a sand background, we were able to make this collage from four pictures. We decided to flip some photos as it made the design look much better

16" x 14", 18 count Aida, 60 colours
Shaggy, creamy coloured dogs are great to fade onto Ecrut coloured Aida

30" x 18", 18 count Aida, 83 colours
This is a big design but the result is well worth the effort, this level of detail would not be achieved by having a smaller design

12" x 10", 18 count Aida, 59 colours
Backstitch really helps the whiskers to stand out

12" x 10", 18 count Aida, 43 colours
We kept a few extra colours in this design as the dog had such a lovely shiny coat and bright eyes that we could really manage to highlight them

10" x 8", 14 count Aida, 15 colours
Black and white pictures make lovely designs and are a bit easier to stitch

19" x 14", 14 count Aida, 60 colours
A very dramatic picture!

All 19" x 14", 14 count Aida, 64 colours
These four pictures are made to go across one wall and look stunning

12" x 8", 14 count Aida, 60 colours
Although the photo had a nice background, removing it, zooming in and putting in an oval made for a quicker design to stitch and highlighted the real subject of the photo

16" x 12", 14 count Aida, 66 colours
This photo had a very busy background and wouldn't have been too great to stitch as it was. With it removed the wedding couple really stand out. A bit more detail was achieved by zooming in slightly but the all important bouquet was kept in the design

16" x 10", 14 count Aida, 42 colours
This design must look stunning on the wall, with the sparkles on the dress really standing out against the vivid red

7" x 9", 22 count Aida, 34 colours
We blended some colours on the face to create a smoother transition between colours and the background is in half-stitch to save stitching time and also to give the subject better definition

10" x 14", 18 count Aida, 68 colours
On this design, we removed half of the background as it was very dark and didn't highlight the subjects but we kept the dancefloor to add depth and faded it out near the top, so it blends to the Aida better. As the lady on the right's face was over-exposed, we also darkened it and coloured it slightly
"I am just so delighted... You've encapsulated both Annie and Nancy perfectly... am amazed at the clarity of the project..."

12" x 10", 16 count Aida, 48 colours
This picture was an emailed photograph. We removed a tiny section on the right hand side, made the sky bluer on request and also added some text, carefully picking colours that fit in with the design. As it was a request to keep the car in on the left, to keep the required size ratio we moved the car slightly closer to the house.
"the kit is wonderful... it far exceeds my expectations..."

12" x 10", 14 count Aida, 70 colours
Another emailed picture. Very little actually needed editing on this picture although there were a lot of lone stitches that needed removing. To emphasise the horse's eye more, the area around it was lightened very slighly.

12" x 10", 14 count Aida, 14 colours
To make the most of the required 12" x 10" size available, we moved the two sets of coats of arms together. This design has quite a lot of backstitch, which gives superb detail on graphic art such as this.
"Thank you so much..."

6" x 8", 14 count Aida, 44 colours
As the subject was very small and slightly blurred in the photo, we zoomed in and sharpened the image. Also, we removed the background on request which certainly helps to bring focus on the subject as the background was very busy.
"I can't tell you how pleased I was... From the photos I sent I think you have worked miracles..."

12" x 10", 14 count Aida, 36 colours
This was an emailed picture of a china model. Quite a lot of backstitch was used to define the shaping, although it is not really visible here.
"really impressed with the results..."

12" x 10", 14 count Aida, 45 colours
The background was removed on request and the shape of the cutout at the bottom was a perfect place to put the name of the house
"thank you for the prompt return... I am more than pleased..."

10" x 12", 18 count Aida, 68 colours
From a beautifully clear and focused digital photograph, this was easy to get right. As the background was not busy, it was nice to keep it but to avoid excess stitching of grass, an oval mount fitted perfectly.

14" x 12", 18 count Aida, 64 colours
The only requirement here was to remove the people on the right hand side. With a relatively simple background, this was easily achievable and you would never know there had been anything there.

12" x 14", 16 count Aida, 68 colours
We had a selection of photos to choose from. We chose these two so that all the features were shown and it also left a nice space to fit in the dog's name.

12" x 12", 16 count Aida, 64 colours
This was one of our more challenging projects. Luckily the photograph was quite clear. With the background removed and a good description of the colours worn on the day, skin tones and hair colour, we colourised the photograph before importing it, carefully ensuring that the couple's colouring didn't look fake.

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